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Impress them with a spotless new build

Make sure it's perfect

Don't let dirt overshadow your work. At Havering Maid Service, we offer specialist cleaners for new builds, to ensure you can present your customers with the keys to a flawless new home.

We've got it covered

Our comprehensive clean covers every surface of new homes, including washing all windows and doors, dusting everything, thorough vacuuming to remove all dust, and wiping down counters and cabinets.

A range of services

We offer a range of cleaning services to suit all your needs. If you want your home or office to look as good as your new build, try our Small Offices or Domestic Cleaning services in Romford. Call now.

Small Offices

Landlord and Tenant

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Domestic Cleaning

We'll keep your home clean while you do more important things.

A tidy workplace is an effective workplace.

We provide weekly and fortnightly cleans for your flats.

As a building contractor, you know you can provide your clients with quality construction, electrical, plumbing and painting work. But if your trades leave dirty footprints on the brand new floor, what will your customers notice first?

Let us take care of everything